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All businesses have legal needs. Whether it is determining how to protect yourself and your assets from potential creditors, ensuring you get the best contract terms, or helping you solve the problems that every business invariably faces, the law is everywhere. You need someone to provide the guidance that your business needs to navigate the legal waters that surround your business, whether you are getting ready to launch a new business or looking for help with an existing company.

You don’t need just a guide or an expensive problem-solver though. You need someone you can trust with your business, someone to work with to proactively help minimize the risks you and your business faces. We want to be your trusted advisor. We can help with your issues of incorporation, contract drafting and reviewing, buying and selling a business, risk management, and dissolution. There are many lawyers out there who can draft an operating agreement or review a contract for a business. We don’t want to just be a lawyer, we want to be your lawyer.


Advising Franchisees

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Buying & Selling

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